Outliers Saga

Ink and Gouache on Daler-Rowney 200g (A3) + Digital

I worked with five authors in a project called the Outliers Saga, and it was intended to be a multi-volume series of books, each volume made up of a series of linked novellas and short stories, all set within the same universe.

The first issue worked almost like a RPG source-book. It aimed to immerse the reader in the universe. I established the whole style, designed the book layout, created all the internal illustrations, icons as well as the cover art and the title logo.

The second publication didn’t have any internal images, I only illustrated the book cover.

Tony, the blogger and reviewer from Tony’s Thoughts, had some very kind words for my work on Outliers, Issue 1:

This “book” had a wonderful look and feel. Why did I put bunny ear quotes around the word book? It didn’t feel like a book. It felt like a dossier. A collection of seemingly disparate materials brought together by a subtle thread. I could almost see the papers spread out across my desk. As an old role-playing gamer (I’m both old and played them for a long time) this felt like a particularly intriguing background section of a game. If you’ve ever played Achtung! Cthulhu the layout is similar but the artworks does seem crisper in this. The artwork really begs the reader to buy a paper copy or use a high quality screen to read it on. The different textures on the different letters and documentation worked really well to section things without obvious chapter headings. I liked that as it flowed really well.
– Tony, Tony’s Thoughts

Where can I get a copy?

At the moment the books are out of print and the project is on hold, for more information please check on the publisher’s site.