Far Worlds

Mixed Media + Digital

This was a very interesting job. I was commissioned by a group of authors to create a book cover for their anthology. Also, I was tasked with the creation of a number of inside illustrations, which included a cover for every story within the publication.

Far Worlds featured speculative fiction stories spanning the spectrum from hard science fiction to epic fantasy to post-apocalyptic horror.

So I opted for a very graphic style that would keep the tone throughout the book. Here are some examples.

I also designed the typeface for the title.

I was very pleased when I read this comment on one of the book reviews:

Another thing that I’d like to add is that the cover is fantastic as well – I don’t normally talk about covers but this one in particular looks amazing. It’s something that screams ‘must-buy’ and you can’t go far wrong with this book.
– Bane of Kings, from The Founding Fields

Where can I get a copy?

The anthology is currently out of print but for more information please check on Amazon.