Dwarfs! Proud, Honorable and Enduring.

Mixed media + Digital

I always had a fascination for the mythical dwarfs. From Tolkien, to Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and Warcraft. In fact, I started blogging out of my love for Warhammer and I had for many years a blog called Portraits of War, which was heavily focused on the Warhammer universe. On that region of the Immaterium I’m known as Forjador (pronounced: For-ha-door).

Among our people, a warrior’s word is a sacred thing, stronger than stone, more enduring than mountains.

Borek from Gotrek & Felix, Daemonslayer

Back in 2010 I did this illustration picturing my favourite dwarfs from Warhammer Fantasy novels.

So, my dwarven heroes – in no particular order (ha!) are:

  1. Gotrek Gurnisson, Gotrek and Felix series
  2. Malakai Makaisson, Gotrek and Felix series
  3. Halgar Halfhand, Oathbreaker
  4. Morek Stonehammer, Honourkeeper