Cyberpunk: A Dystopian Future

Mixed media + Digital

Ever since I watched Bladerunner, and later on when Shadowrun was revealed to me, I fell in love with the genre.

Kensei: Ki Ken Tai Ichi

I wanted to portray a big fight of one against many, in this case a lone wolf against a myriad of corporate cyborgs. The word kensei means ‘sword saint’ in japanese. And if you’ve noticed the weapons involved, you’d realise that the main character is wielding a katana while the other girls are wielding a ninjatō. So this is a classic samurai versus ninja scenario.

Ki Ken Tai Ichi, literally means spirit, sword and body all-as-one. It is a moment of sheer perfection, when all the essential elements of a strike are unified in a single instant. It is something my old kendo sensei used to say to us when practising – encouraging us to try to achieve that.