The Hobgoblin Herald: Map of Guien

Graphite on Daler-Rowney 200g (A3) + Digital

The first time my friend and author, Andrew Aston, told me about the novel he was working on, I knew he was into something really special. He shown me a map he drew himself to keep track of the events and locations on his world and it really captured my mind. I’m not a cartographer but I offered Andrew to redraw the map as I thought it should look.

In retrospect I should have worked on a bigger format. To be able to create all the details I wanted on an A3 I had to use some magnify glasses – talking about feeling old!

Originally I wanted to create a full colour map. But due to time restrictions and other commitments I had to leave it as line art. Though I made it look weathered and frayed.

I love grimdark fantasy books. But I am a fussy reader and well-crafted worlds with a rich background and interesting characters are really hard to find.

I have never been so pleasantly surprised with a book since the first time I read Abercrombie. Aston’s universe is rich and detailed. I was quickly trapped by Mallory’s opening story, I got immersed in a world that was painted with masterful strokes right in front of my eyes, slowly unveiling a picture that kept me mesmerized.

Andrew’s work has inspired me to start making a series of sketches, from which I’ll post more in the future.

Alright already, what the novel is about?

I’m not one to talk much about the plot of a book because I don’t like spoilers myself. Suffice to say that the story is not black and white and revolves around 4 main characters, their lives intertwined somehow as part of a bigger event.

What I can tell you is that I am looking forward to what is coming next!

Where can I buy it?

You can find the book either on Smashwords or Amazon (UK) / Amazon (US)