Welcome to San Cicaro


Welcome to San Cicaro is an anthology by Thunderbird Studios. It was a really fun project to be involved with. I designed the book cover, the website and I also did a great deal of image editing for their Instagram campaign. The editors have some bold ideas and their marketing was built around making the fictional city of San Cicaro feel like a real place.

On the golden coast of California lies San Cicaro, a mecca for the misbegotten, a beacon for the strange. Rumors of the bizarre and the miraculous abound, magic baked into the very streets by the scorching sun. There’s wonder and horror aplenty to be found by visitors fearless enough to brave a journey.

This anthology comprises nine tales, which delve deep into this magical city. From the horrifying to the hilarious, from the city parks to the neighborhoods, sirens and suckling monsters, enchanted ice cream, rebellious fairgrounds and bodysnatching ghouls, there is sure to be something to catch your eye. Or even your soul.

Welcome to San Cicaro.

Where can I get a copy?

If you’d like to know more about this publication, please visit Welcome to San Cicaro. Alternatively, you can buy the anthology on Amazon US, Amazon UK or Smashwords.